Rules and Safety



Do not use or enter the pistes after 16.30 (4.30 p.m.) - except for Košťálka (11a) - regular maintenance is in progress and maintenance vehicles cross the ski tracks. There is a risk of fatal injury caused by a snowcat with a winch. ATTENTION - the pistes cross the paths of tracked vehicles!

Skiing outside designated areas is strictly forbidden and skiers are required to follow the Rules of Conduct of KRNAP (the Giant Mountains National Park) at all times.

Valid ski passes are only available at ticket offices in SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. In order to acquire your season ski pass, it is necessary to submit a signed photograph containing the full name of the holder. The purchase of discounted tickets, i.e. the package Small child (1+1), the 6- to 7-day ski passes with night skiing requires the holder's full name. The ticket offices and turnstiles are equipped with +security cameras and any unauthorized access may result in forfeiting the ticket without compensation.

The provider reserves the right to shut down the cable cars, ski lifts and close the pistes in case of malfunctions, strong winds, power cuts, and other emergencies. In these cases visitors are not entitled to compensation. The provider further reserves the right to change the price lists, opening hours of the facilities and timetables of the ski buses.Current information is available at the ticket offices of the SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC and bus stops. Tickets can be bought for any day in advance.

Ski passes are valid every day till 4 p.m..Transport of pedestrians, cross-country skiers and sledgers in Janské Lázně is only possible in a cable car ČERNOHORSKÝ EXPRESS. Visitors can move around the ski slopes, tracks and Černá hora sledge track at their own risk!!!

Attention, Cablewinch preparation

Do not needlessly risk during your ski touring trip!! Ski Slopes in The Černá hora - PEC Ski Resortis always close at 4.30 pm. Thereafter are all the ski slopes groomed and prepared for you to have the best skiing experience on the well groomed corduroy. 



FIS rules

In 1967 the International Ski Federation - FIS approved rules of conduct for skiing, which were last amended in 2002:

1. Respect for others skiers

Every skier or snowboarder must always behave in such a way so that he/she does not endanger or prejudice others.

2. Control of speed and skiing or snowboarding

Every skier or snowboarder must move at a safe distance and with regard to how far he/she can see. He/she must adapt his/her speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to his/her personal ability and to the prevailing conditions of terrain, snow and weather as well as to the density of traffic

3. Choice of route

A skier or snowboarder coming from behind must choose his/her route in such a way that he/she does not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead.

4. Overtaking

A skier or snowboarder may overtake another skier or snowboarder above or below and to the right or to the left provided that he/she leaves enough space for the overtaken skier or snowboarder to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.

5. Entering and starting

Every skier or snowboarder entering a marked run or starting again after stopping on the slopes must look up and down the slopes to make sure that he/she can do so without endangering himself/herself or others.

6. Stopping

Unless absolutely necessary, a skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on a pieste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. After falling, the skier or snowboarder must move clear of such a place as soon as possible.

7. Climbing and descending on foot

A skier or snowboarder either climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the piste.

8. Respect for signs and markings

A skier and snowboarder must respect all signs and markings.

9. Assistance

After an accident, every skier or snowboarder is obligated to render fist aid.

10. Obligation to provide identification

Every skier or snowboarder and witness, whether a responsible party or not, must exchange names and addresses following an accident.