SkiResort Card

10 differences between a registered and unregistered SkiResort Card

  • 10% discount on ski passes purchased online
  • 500 CZK discount on annual ski pass
  • Avoid the queues at the ticket office
  • 10% discount in SkiResort restaurants and pubs
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live rentals
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live ski services
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live shop
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live ski school
  • No parking fee charged in Janské Lázně and Pec pod Sněžkou with one day ski pass purchased online
  • First-hand info about new offers

Get your SkiResort Card and get registered


Get better deals and shop from the comfort of your home


Avoid the queues and head directly for the slopes


Enjoy various discounts in restaurants and pubs, ski schools, ski rentals and services


Keep your card for the next time

Where can I get my SkiResort Card?

If you don't own a SkiResort Card yet, you can apply for it online and it will be delivered to your address. If you select this option, standard delivery time is 7 days following your order.


In person

List of SkiResort Card partners who issue the Card against a 50 CZK deposit. In order to get the discounts and better deals, please don't forget to register your.


Need help?
+420 733 533 644 (8 - 16h)

Can I buy more ski passes with 1 SkiResort card?

Your card serves as a skipass to get through the tourniquet. That means you need 4 registered SkiResort Cards for 4 members of family.

I have registered cards for the whole family and I still can not purchase the skipasses.

As cards work as typical ski passes, it is necessary to registered the date of birth of a particular person on each card. For example, if I want to buy a junior ski pass, the card must be registered for the person who is born within the validity of the junior ski pass. However, email may remain the same for all the registrations.

Can I buy a seasonal ski pass for a child up to 6 years of age online?

It is not technically possible to buy those skipasses online. You can buy a package for adult and a child up to 6 years of age at the ticket office.

How does free parking work with a 1-day online purchased ski pass?

You must buy your 1-day skipass before arrival at the parking lot. To utilize free parking you must enter and leave the parking lot using the same card. To enter and leave the parking lot you need to scan your bar code at the scanner placed on the gate.

I kept a card from last year. Is it going to work this season?

Yes, it is. If your card is not registered, do not forget to register it to be able to use all discounts and benefits, which it offers.

When my ski pass becomes activated?

Your skipass is activated at the first passage through the tourniquet, but no later than within 15 minutes.

What shall I do when nothing is happening after the payment and the system does not react?

If this situation occurs, there might be a problem in communication between the system and the payment gateway. It can be influenced by the version of your browser. In this case try either to use other browser or update the current one.

I have not recieved an e-mail with payment confirmation. What shall I do?

Sending automatic email can be dependent on the internet connection. If you do not recieve the confirmation email within 15 minutes, check the spam file on your email account. In other case, contact our technical support, which will check the situation.

How can I pay?

You can currently only pay by a credit card. Make sure at your bank that this kind of payment is allowed.