SkiResort Card

With the SkiResort Card you can buy skipasses cheaper and more conveniently.

SkiResort Card is handy…
  • when I want to buy discounted skipasses online
  • when I want to avoid the queue in front of the ticket office
  • when I want to manage skipasses for the whole family in one account
  • when I want to enjoy discounts at restaurants, sports equipment rentals and the ski school
  • when I want to know more about the tourist offer in the Eastern Giant Mountains
How to buy a skipass online
Pair the smart card with the account

You don't have a card? You can easily get it from one of the SkiResort Card partners or find it in your mailbox.

Order card

Choose the time of the skipass validity

Online skipasses are valid from certin time to certain time. Choose the first and the last day of the validity.

Buy skipass online

Be close to discounts
Do you need help?
+420 840 888 229 (8 - 16h)

What is SkiResort Card?

SkiResort Card is a plastic card (chip carrier). On this carrier you buy ski passes and pass through the turnstile. The card contains a barcode so you can use from many other benefits.

What are the benefits of online shopping?


Benefits with a registered SkiResort Card:

  • No queuing at the checkout no more ...
  • 500 CZK discount on annual ski pass
  • 10% discount on ski passes purchased online
  • 10% discount in SkiResort restaurants and pubs
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live rentals
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live ski services
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live shop
  • 10% discount in SkiResort Live ski school
  • Shop easily for the whole family
  • Simple, fast and easy to use from at home or when you are on the road
  • Clever savings


Where can I get a chip card?

Order your chip card , pick it up at your accommodation provider (SkiResort Card Partner) or at any ticket office in SkiResort Cerna hora - Pec.

Who can I contact with other questions?

Information and questions about the SkiResort Card e-shop please send to:
Phone: +420 840 888 229

Where can I find my SkiResort Card number?

This number can only be found on the Skiresort Card just below the barcode.

How to buy ski passes for the whole family?

To purchase ski passes for all members of your family, you must have a family set up in your user interface. The name, surname, date of birth and number of the SkiResort Card chip must be filled in for each family member.
When purchasing ski passes, you simply choose which chip card to use for the ski pass.

Every member of the family needs their own SkiResort Card to pass through the turnstiles!

How do I pair a SkiResort Card with my account?

It's very simple. If you did not fill in the SkiResort Card chip number at registration, you can pair the carrier later in your user interface. Under Pair SkiResort Card , scan your chip photo using your phone, or type the number manually. In the same way, you add the chip number to other members of your family.

I want to give a gift voucher to someone. How to do it?

You can find gift vouchers in the Gifts section. Choose the desired type and number of vouchers. No registration required to purchase vouchers. In the shopping cart you can write a personal dedication to the recipient and send the voucher directly to his / her e-mail.

I received a gift voucher. How can I redeem it?

If you received a ski gift voucher, you can use it in two ways:

1. If you do not have a chip carrier and you are not registered, all you have to do is go to the ticket office where they will issue a standard ticket (deposit of CZK 50 per chip carrier).
2. If you are registered and have a chip carrier, you can redeem a voucher under the "Gifts" icon in your user interface . Copy the voucher code and select the SkiResort Card number to which you want to activate the voucher. Attention: By activating the ticket it becomes immediately valid! Do not activate it until you are ready to use the ticket.

Use the SkiResort Live voucher, ski school and SkiResort Live services.

Is it possible to buy on-line ski passes for a carrier that used to serve as a point ticket?

Unfortunately, this is not technically possible. If the chip carrier previously served as a point ticket or a hour ticket, online purchase is not possible.