Černá hora sledging track has been in use for more than 100 years. You can give it a go during the day or during the night with a headlamp and a professional guide. 

Sledge track is out of service

The route of Černá hora sledging track

The route of Černá hora sledging track meanders along a beautiful hillside of Černá hora with views of Klausův důl. The track is 4 km long with height elevation of 560 m. The upper section of the path leads from winter 2023/24 in a new comfortable route off the slopes.

The starting point of the sledge track is located at the top station of the cable car on Černá hora. When approaching Janské Lázně, please do not use the bridge for skiers but the underpass under the road. The entry point to the underpass is located left to the bridge. The track finishes at the bottom station of the cable car.   

When using Černá hora sledging track, please follow the Rules of conduct on Černá hora sledging track  


Opening times and prices 

The sledging track is open daily between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. depending on the snow conditions. For current schedule check the top of this page.  

Daytime sledging is free of charge and at your own risk. While using the sledging track, please pay attention to the following rules of conduct.

If you wish to take part in guided night sledging, you have to book your place online and by 3 p.m. on the day of the trip. This is a paid activity. 

Sledge rental

The main sledge rental SkiResort Live is located on the first floor in the building of the bottom cable car station in Janské Lázně.

Rental fee is 250 CZK / day; online rental is 225 CZK / day

Equipment rental online must be booked 1 day in advance.


Night sledging with a guide from SkiResort Live 

A different kind of adrenalin you won't be able to experience elsewhere. Try 4 km long guided night sledging with headlamps.  
Book your ride in the office of ski school Live in the building of the bottom cable car station in Janské Lázně or online. Reservations for a given day must be made by 3 p.m. at the latest. 

Evening sledding online 

Price 450 CZK / person

Start: 16:45 in SkiResort Live rental in bottom station of cable car, Janské Lázně

Minimum number of participants is five. The price includes cable car fare, sledge rental fee, headlamp and guide. Night sledging is not suitable for children under three years of age. We recommend taking a ski helmet and goggles. 

Contact: SkiResort Live +420 734 153 153 


Rules of conduct on Černá hora sledging track  

  • The sledging track is open between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. depending on the snow conditions.
  • The use of the sledging track is only at your own risk. 
  • Always stop when crossing slopes or roads.
  • We recommend using protective sports equipment (goggles, helmets)!
  • The sledging track is freely accessible to the public.
  • It is prohibited to sledge on the ski slopes!
  • Respect the markings and signaling!
  • Adapt your speed and driving style to your abilities and sledging track conditions!
  • When it's foggy or snowing, drive slowly. 
  • Always slow down before turning or turning.
  • Keep your braking distance!
  • It is prohibited to cause damage to the environment along the track!
  • Please follow the Rules of Conduct of the National Park KRNAP!

The history of the sledging track

The sledging track from Černá hora to Janské Lázně goes through places where horn sledges travelled  100 years ago. The name "Zvonková cesta" (zvonek = sleigh bell) comes from the times when sledges were equipped with bells to warn other passers-by. 

Sledging has a much longer tradition in the Giant Mts. than skiing. Mountaineers used sledges for transportation of hay as early as the 16th century. 300 years later tourist started using sledges for entertainment. However, instead of horses to get you to the starting point of the sledging track you will travel from Janské Lázně in a modern cable car.