Černý Důl

SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC - ski season is ended  

Area description

Ski area Černý Důl is best suited for families with children as well as beginners. Wide ski slopes and a new LIVE park with magic carpets and a children lifts are ideal for beginners and attendees of the ski school SkiResort Live. A major upgrade for winter season 2017/18 is a modern detachable quad chairlift Family Express which has replaced the old chairlift. Family Express is 300 m longer and as a result the ski slopes below have also been extended. The ski area now offers 8.5 km of ski slopes.  

There is plenty to choose from on the slope, e.g. a timed downhill course to measure your speed -Top Speed (TS2), timed giant slalom course - Measured Slalom (MS3) and a fun track with banked turns - Funline (12c). Almost 70% of slopes are equipped with artificial snow.

Due to changes in the blue central bus line the transfer between ski areas Černý Důl and Černá hora (Janské Lázně) takes only 10 minutes.   

A single ski pass is valid in the whole resort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. If you prefer one-day skiing, you can use a separate price list of the area and the children ski park.





Turistickým autobusem se svezete i v říjnu

Turistickým autobusem se svezete i v říjnu

Turistický autobus TourBUS bude jezdit mezi Janskými Lázněmi a Pecí pod Sněžkou o víkendech a prázdninách i během října. Turistický bus vyrazí n...

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