Guided ski tours

Get to know the Giant Mts. on touring skis

Get to know the Giant Mts. on touring skis during the day on a trip to Sněžka or during the night on a trip to Černá hora. All ski tours are guided by an experienced leader from SkiResort Live. More advanced skiers can participate in a more challenging ski tour which crosses Černá hora and finishes in Pec pod Sněžkou.  

Newcomers are also welcomed

All necessary equipment can be rented and we will teach you the basics. The ski rental SkiResort Live offers a variety of professional ski touring equipment Atomic and Salomon.

Reservations and price


  • 3 000 CZK/person (Touring skis privat)
  • 6 000 CZK (Touring skis group).

Leader and equipment is included in the price.Minimum number of participants in group is 2 persons, max. 4 persons. 


It is necessary to make reservations at least 2 days in advance by email, or by phone +420 840 888 229

Recommended routes


Velká Úpa - Portášky - Růžohorky - Sněžka - Růžohorky - Pec pod Sněžkou and back by skibus (9:00 - 16:00)

Meeting point is at 9:00 in SkiResort Live rental in Velká Úpa, climb to Portášky, Růžohorky, refreshment in Růžohorky, climb to Sněžka, return to Růžohorky, downhill skiing to Pecka, return by a skibus or by a car to Velká Úpa.


Velká Úpa - Bouda Jana - Portášky - Velká Úpa (9:00 - 13:00)

Meeting  point is at 9:00 in SkiResort Live rental in Velká Úpa, climb to Jana's hut, refreshment, climb to Portášky, downhill skiing to Velká Úpa.


Janské Lázně - Pec pod sněžkou - Černá hora - Janské Lázně (16:15 - 21:30)

Meeting point at 4:15 pm in SkiResort Live rental in Janske Lázně, transport by a minibus to Pec pod Sněžkou, climb via Kolínska Bouda and "Václavák" to Černá Hora (refreshment), downhill skiing to Jánske Lázně via the slope Protěž.


Janské Lázně - Černá hora a zpět (17:00 - 21:30)

Meeting point at 17:00 in SkiResort Live rental in Janské Lázně, climb to Černá Hora, (refreshment), downhill skiing from Černá Hora to Janské Lázně.