Enjoyable freestyle course with banked turns, berms, and a tunnel.

Enjoyable freestyle areas for both kids and adults can be found in ski areas Pec pod Sněžkou a v Černý Důl. They have been designed for all levels of skiers. Funline can truly be enjoyed by everyone.   

Funline in ski area Pec pod Sněžkou

Funline (17b) alongside ski slope Smrk - offers more than 450 m with five banked turns, five berms and finishes off with an 8 m tunnel.  

Pec pod Sněžkou - Funline is out of service

Funline v Černém Dole

Funline (12c) in Černý Důl is located in the vicinity of ski slope Böhnischovy Boudy. The course measures 550 m and includes banked turns and berms. 

Černý Důl - Funline is out of service

What is behind Funline?

The basis of the Funline course is made by appropriately designed clay platforms, which are covered in snow and groomed daily both by machines and manually. Funline areas combine elements of relatively recent Olympic disciplines such as  boardercross, ski cross or freestyle. The area includes a number of different features, like berms, banked turns, tunnels, obstacles, and other entertaining features for kids and adults.  

Funline Pec pod Sněžkou