Skibus - ski each day in different ski area

Skibus SkiResort Černá hora - Pec

Operation of skibus lines is ended. 


Integrated transportation system in SkiResort

In SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC there is an integrated transportation system which includes three types of transport: central ski bus lines, CITY buses and SkiTour. New in winter season 2017/18 is an express bus SkiTour Express which will make the travel between Pec pod Sněžkou, Janské Lázně and Černá hora one-third faster. The visitors can use all three types free of charge and thus use all 44 km of ski slopes.  

A unique type of connecting ski areas is SkiTour - special snowcats between ski areas which enable skiers to travel between Černá hora and Pec pod Sněžkou in a matter of minutes.  

Resort Bus

Central lines

These provide transportation between all ski areas in SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC free of charge.

- Red central line covering Pec pod Sněžkou - Velká Úpa - Janské Lázně (Černá hora) and back 

- SkiTour Express - faster skibus line covering Pec pod Sněžkou - Velká Úpa - Janské Lázně - Černý Důl and back

- Blue central line covering Černý Důl - Janské Lázně (Černá hora) and back

- Yellow central line covering Svoboda nad Úpou - Janské Lázně (Černá hora) and back

City Bus

Ski buses

They provide transfer of skier from parking lots and hotels to the nearest ski slopes. In Pec pod Sněžkou the service is free of charge. (CITY buses). In Černý Důl and Janské Lázně it is necessary to produce a hotel/boarding house guest card when boarding the ski bus. (ski bus pass).


Special snowcats

A unique connection, one of its kind in the Czech Republic. From ski area Černá hora (Janské Lázně), or the top of Černá hora you can travel via snowcats on skis to ski area Pec pod Sněžkou. SkiTour is free of charge with a valid time ticket/ski pass. When using a bonus point ticket, 10 points are subtracted. A single ride costs 50 CZK. .


Click here to see the timetable in pdf format

CITY buses

JANSKÉ LÁZNĚ - city bus

ČERNÝ DŮL - city bus

PEC POD SNĚŽKOU - route Hotel Horizont – Javor
PEC POD SNĚŽKOU - route Lanovka Sněžka – Javor
PEC POD SNĚŽKOU - route Logla - Javor

Skibuses for night skiing

JANSKÉ LÁZNĚ - route Parking - Protěž

PEC POD SNĚŽKOU - route Velká Úpa - Javor 
PEC POD SNĚŽKOU - city bus