We are ready for the winter season

The approaching winter ski season raises a number of questions regarding the prices of ski passes, energy and operation. At SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA – PEC, we did our best to start the standard winter season with the first snow. We expect the operation of all SkiResort areas, the preparation of the slopes and also their snowmaking. We have a relevant contract with the electricity supplier. Partial traffic restrictions can probably be expected "only" for evening skiing, which we will provide at least 3 times a week at SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC.

Ski pass always cheaper online

That is why we can already talk about the price of the ski pass for the winter of 2022/23. It should increase by a maximum of 10% at the checkout. Skiers will only feel a very slight increase in the price of the ski pass if they buy it online in time. It is true that the earlier you buy, the better price you get. As the deadline approaches and occupancy increases for the given day, the price of the ski pass will also increase in the e-shop. As is often the case with airline tickets. Even so, it will be true throughout the winter that ski passes bought online via the webshop www.skiresortcard.cz will always be cheaper than those bought at a ticket office. The ski pass purchased online can be picked up at one of the 9 vending machines known as sKiosks. These will be located in all the main areas of the SkiResort.

The slight increase in the price of the ski pass mainly concerns resort-wide tickets, valid in all areas of the SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. The price increase will not affect ski passes valid only in the Černý Důl and Velká Úpa areas, where they remain at last year's levels. We expect to start selling ski passes at the beginning of November.

News for the season

Roughly 25 snow groomers take care of grooming 50 km of slopes at the SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC. This year they will be supplemented by five new machines. These snowmobiles are also equipped with SnowSAT technology, which uses the most modern technology to prepare the slopes. The Snowsat system is based on data transmitted by satellites and the GPS system. Thanks to the information from the roller blinds, it can monitor the snow depth on the downhill slopes. This is then projected onto the map with an accuracy of +/- 3 centimeters.

The 120-meter-long conveyor belt in LIVE Park Javor in Pec pod Sněžkou is a great helper in teaching children. But when it starts to blow or snow, the ride up is no pleasure. So that children do not blow during the ride, the belt is now equipped with a transparent wall and a roof.

In the area in Černý Důl, we finished snowmaking on the Vyhlídková slope. The area with moderate and wide slopes ideal for families with children, a large LIVE educational park, chair lifts and a large free parking lot offers 78% of pistes with guaranteed snow.

Last year, we tested vending machines for online ski passes in Janské Lázně and in Pec pod Sněžkou. This winter we will have a total of 9 of them and they will be located in all the main ski areas. People will be able to use them to pick up online purchased ski passes or to purchase ski passes. The big advantage of sKiosks is that they never close, so skiers can stop by them at any time – upon arrival for a stay, the evening before skiing, early in the morning, or at any other time.