Respect for health

Adequate mouth and nose protection must be used indoors as well as while riding chairlifts or sitting in the gondola. In the facilities of SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC, we pay very close attention to compliance with all safety and hygiene measures.


Watch your nose, watch your mouth! 

It is necessary to wear  FFP2 respirator in the cabins of the Černohorský Express  and in ski buses throughout the transport. The regulation does not apply to children who have not yet started compulsory schooling.





Keep a distance of 2 meters

The personal space of each of us has an area of ​​15.56 m2. Do not enter the other´s space.





Disinfect your hands 

Effective hand disinfection free to use can be found all around SkiResort. 





Cleaned with ozone

We ionize the interior of the cable car cabins and the SkiResort live rental areas daily. 





Decontamination shower

We wash SkiResort Live rental´s skis, poles, ski shoes and helmets in disinfectant showers after each use.





Respect the navigation signs

It's easy; go where the arrow shows and do not enter banned areas. For security reasons, some transport areas may remain closed to visitors.





Better go online

Come to enjoy the mountains, not to stay in the lines. Buy online your ski pass with a  36% discount at and avoid the queues.




No coincidental acquaintance

Only individuals or small family groups can enter the cabins.





Take it easy!

 5 out of 5 epidemiologists recommend stay in the fresh air at an altitude of over 1,000 m above sea level. We can again enjoy the freedom of movement, so let's take it responsibly.