The picturesque mountain town of Pec pod Sněžkou (750 m above sea level) is the most frequent starting point of the trip to the peak of Sněžka. You may walk through Obří důl around Slezská bouda or through Růžohorky and Růžová hora. The easiest way to reach the highest point of the Czech Republic is by the cableway.

All year round the traditional double-seat-cableway had been transporting tourists in the period from 1949 to 2 September 2012 when its operation was terminated. During this period almost 20 millions of tourists visited the cableway and more than 7.2 million of them were taken up to the peak of Sněžka.

A new cableway by LEITNER A.G. has been operating since 21 December 2013. This Italian company belongs to the two largest producers of mountain devices in the world. The cableway keeps its original track except for the bottom station in Pec pod Sněžkou which is situated in a lower point closer to Lesovna chalet. It is a two-section circulating passenger one-cable aerial tramway with detachable four-seat- cable cars and three boarding stations.