Černá hora

Sledge track 

Take a ride on a sledge or bobsleigh on Černá hora sledge track.

Sledge track is out of service

Enjoy a beautiful ride over hillside of Černá hora above Klaus valley, on the road 3.5 km long with an elevation of 560 m.

The sledge track from the top of Černá hora via Zvonková cesta to Janské Lázně goes through places that had welcomed first sledgers a hundred years ago. The name Zvonková cesta (Sleigh bells route) dates back to the days when sleighs used to have bell to jingle in order to show way and to prevent sleighs from crashing with another sleigh.

Sledge rental

Using the sledge track is for free and you can rent a sledge in a ski rental SkiResort LIVE at the bottom station of the cable car, get on the CERNOHORSKY EXPRESS and just sett off down a short walk from the top station.

Night sledging

This is a kind of adrenalin you won‘t be able to find anywhere else. Try a 3.5 km long night ride on a sledge with a headlamp and under the guidance of instructors from ski school SkiResort LIVE. Night sledging is not suitable for children under the age of 3. Wearing a ski helmet and goggles is highly recommended. Minimum number of participants is five. (reservation: +420 733 737 840 or live@skiresort.cz, no later than 03:00 pm on that day)

Please observe the following rules:

The sledging track is in operation from 9 am to 4 pm, based on snow conditions.
Using the sledging track is at your own risk.
The sledging track is freely accessible to the public.
It is prohibited to sledge on the ski slopes.
It is prohibited to cause damage to or sledge into the forest surrounding the sledge track.
Please follow the Rules and Regulations of the National Park KRNAP.