Skibuses and snowcats SkiTour

Transportation inside and outside ski areas

Save your energy for skiing with our CITY buses which will take you from the hotel or the car park to the skis slopes. Colour-coded central lines connect all ski areas. The most attractive form of transportation are no doubt snowcats SkiTour operating between Černá hora and Pec pod Sněžkou.

Map of skibusses - download

Central lines – connecting ski areas

Four central line ski buses connect five ski areas SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA – PEC free of charge  

CITY buses – transportation inside ski areas  

Provide transportation of skiers from car parks and hotels to the nearest ski slopes. In Pec pod Sněžkou  CITY buses are free of charge, in Černý Důl and Janské Lázně it is necessary to have a ski bus pass issued by your accommodation provider. 

Night ski buses – operating during night skiing 

Provide transport of skiers to the slopes during night skiing.  

SkiTour – on skis and by snowcats from Černá hora to Pec 

The fastest connection between ski areas Černá hora and Pec pod Sněžkou on skis and by snowcats. For snowcat SkiTour timetable click HERE