Children´s ski parks

Each ski area of the SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC contains areas with gentle slopes and facilities for little children and beginners. New in winter season 2016/17 are four, fully equipped LIVE parks opening in ski areas Černá hora (Janské Lázně) and in Pec pod Sněžkou. If you book your ski lessons with the ski school SkiResort LIVE, you'll get a free access to all LIVE parks during the time of the lessons.

Černá hora (Janské Lázně)

Dětské parky Janské Lázně

LIVE park Formánky (LP1)

Located in the beginners area Formánky directly below Hospůdka na Formánkách. The park has a 30 m long magic carpet, new learning features and many toys to make the lessons and the time spent in the park more fun. The park contains the building of the ski school and ski rentals at the car park Formánky below Lední Dům where little skiers can take a rest in a new babysitting facility. Here you can also book your ski lessons and rent ski equipment. You can leave your car at the car park, the LIVE park is only a few steps away.

LIVE park Černá hora (LP2)

Located on Černá hora, directly at the top station of the cable car. It is equipped with a rope tow and new learning aids to make ski lessons easier and interesting. The park includes a rest area in the building of the cable car, a play area for children, restaurants and toilets.

Gentle slopes Sport, ski slopes 7a, 8a, 9a

Located on Černá hora, near the top station of the cable car ČERNOHORSKÝ EXPRESS (A1). In the hall there is Bistro & Restaurant na Lanovce, children play area, changing table, shower and toilettes.

Pec pod Sněžkou

Dětské parky Janské Lázně

LIVE park Javor (LP3)

Located below ski slope Javor in Pec pod Sněžkou. A popular ski area for beginners has been revamped and offers a 90 m long magic carpet accessible to the public. The children's park has a 15 m long magic carpet with modern learning features which will make ski lessons easier. The park includes the office of the ski school SkiResort LIVE, ski rental, test centre Atomic Salomon and babysitting facility.

LIVE park Klondike (LP4)

Located at the lodge Svornost, near the top station of the ski lift Klondike. It is best accessible by the chairlift Zahrádky Express. The park is equipped with a children's lift with low tow, learning and fun features to make ski lessons even more entertaining.

Černý Důl

Kids park

The largest ski park for children in the SkiResort - SKI & SNOWBOARD ACADEMY PARK with conveyor belt, kids ski lift, many funny characters and a slalom. A heated playroom is located in the centre of the park. A part of the park is the children ski academy, which offers individual or group classes and babysitting services.

This kids park can be used free of charge for your own children and is included in all ski passes of the SkiResort. (Not valid for credit, seasonal and single tickets).

Svoboda nad Úpou

Whole ski area

The whole ski area is suitable for small children, beginners and slightly experienced skiers. FordBar with a terrace offers a good view of the place even for non-skiing family members. You will find here a ski school with a kids park and ski rental even for the smallest children.


Enjoy a ride in a special snow cat at the top of Černá hora. Moving between areas Černá hora (Janské Lázně) and Pec pod Sněžkou has never been easier and more enjoyable.

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In SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC there is an integrated transportation system which includes three types of transport.

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